How to Fix Monster High Dolls Legs and Arms!

As with most of the articulated toys, Monster High Dolls have a small issue. Their arms and legs are a bit loose and during some rough play they will come out. So there is a nice and easy and quite cheap way to fix the peg and socket joints. This type of joints is also called Synovial joint and most of the time they get loose because the peg part is too small and doesn’t fit tight in the socket. In those case you take any nail polish (clear is advisable but not mandatory) and just cover the peg with it. Then you just let it dry and adjust it back to it’s possition. If it’s still loose, just apply some more nail polish again.

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This way you can save your Monster High Dolls from being armless. Tightening the joints will also make it less possible for your kids to try and eat them.

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